Rooja ZZ

Yo! You are on the coming homepage of „Rooja ZZ“, a collective of musicians from cologne, germany!

We`re about to release our music on this website, for free. Of course you`re welcome to donate, we´re cooperating with other professionals and we can`t make them work for free too. We are doing it tough, because we don`t see a realistic way to earn money with this band, it`s too big and all the musicians are already part of several other bands. Read more about our philosphie and the problems we see in beeing an artist!

And we think we`re screwing the world if this music stays hidden on our computers, we don`t want to get famous or rich, we just want to give you the possibility to listen to this music, to laugh and cry with it, to dance and make out with it.

So stay tuned, remember this site and of course: share it with your friends.